Laminate Flooring

The wide range of high quality products crafted with application of the cutting edge German technology is what distinct Lamitec laminate flooring from the rest of the market. We thoroughly select the colours for each of the collection to satisfy your requirements. Understanding the tough conditions of the current economic environment, we always focus on the price issues. The distribution channels we have chosen allow us to ensure the prices would remain as much competitive as possible. You may buy Lamitec laminate flooring from $7.99 per square metre in almost all metropolitan areas – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

About Lamitec Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring (sometimes also called as floated flooring) is a 4-layer composite flooring product. These four layers are a wear layer, design layer, wood core and a balancing layer. The laminate flooring wear layer is designed to be a transparent, scratch and stain resistant surface of the floor. Lamitec laminate flooring design layer is what makes your floors look as good as real timber floors. It features various patterns that range from wood grains to colourful, surrealistic, decorative and intricate flooring designs.

The laminate flooring core layer is made from high-density fibreboard (H.D.F) and is manufactured with water resistant glue. The laminate flooring balancing or stabilising layer has a melamine resin infused into it to help reduce cupping and warping.

Four layers of laminate flooring are moulded together by pressure and heat. At Lamitec we use a high-pressure laminate flooring (HPL) production method. This method produces the surface and backing layers separately and then attaches them to the core by applying heat and pressure. The HPL method is a relatively new technology and is used to forge our premium laminate flooring.

Benefits of Lamitec Laminate Flooring

There are many different materials you can choose to install on your floor and laminate flooring is just one of the options. Throughout the years, the laminate materials created for flooring application have been designed to look very similar to real timber floors, although unlike timber flooring been very durable. Also laminate flooring can be installed much quicker and the process is much easier compare to other forms of flooring. Laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of wooden flooring.

So once you’ve decided colour tone (dark, medium, light), shape and size, and your budget for the desired Lamitec laminate flooring, there are some important points to know and consider before buying.


laminate core

The core material is the very backbone of the flooring. Good core must be made of very fine fibre and pressed together achieving very high density. The core layer is responsible for providing stability, strength and moisture resistance. Pick the core of different boards with your fingernail or something flat and hard and you will see how one may feel softer than another. Look for harder density in the core.

Drop pieces of the samples into water for half a day and check afterwards as to how each performed when subjected to water. Most laminate flooring is not water proof, but it will show you that the higher density core expands less and makes a more solid product.

Lamitec laminate floors cores are made of tested HDF. The higher the density, the more solid the product.


laminate lock

This is one of the most important areas to check. You need to look at the way the boards connect to each other. When laminate flooring is placed on a flat level and boards are connected,please make sure that there should be a tied and seamless surface. You should touch the joint with your hand across the connections, and, if one side of the connection is much higher than the other, that is called ledging which can cause a problem over time. It is important that the seams be very flat.

You also need to consider the thickness of the locking mechanism. The thicker joints will be the stronger joints and that is where a good core is important.

A good lock is not over tied and connects boards easily. At Lamitec we use locks which allow the joints to stay together longer and more firmly.

laminate surface


A good surface must not look artificial and lifeless, but should have a wood grain design that deepens the colour and makes the floor look more like real wood.

Run your hand across the boards, take a good look at the strong light and ensure that you see real wood in laminate flooring boards. The heavier texture also makes the product a more slip resistant.

Lamitec has more than 200 different unique natural wood look patterns and colours and 6 different surface textures.

Over Layer

Good wear layer is important so that it keeps the laminate flooring looking new for many years.

All laminate floors are made with an over-layer on the surface to protect them from wear and tear. However, they do not all have the same quality of wear layer. All laminate flooring are given a rating according to their hardness on the surface.

Lamitec laminate flooring products have been rated by independent testing labs and carry AC3 rating which is made for heavy residential and light commercial use. Our wear layers are made from aluminium oxide, which is the fourth hardest substance known on earth.

A simple scratch test can be made with a variety of hard items. Simply scratch all the samples in the same way, with the same pressure and observe the differences. The ones easily scratched will wear more quickly and you will see that Lamitec laminate flooring are stronger.

Bottom side protector

laminate back support

Check the back side of your laminate flooring planks. You will notice a heavy layer of melamine which seals the back of the board.

Lamitec products have a thick layer of melamine to make sure that the back of the planks is very stable.


The last thing to consider is what else is provided by the company whose product you like?

With Lamitec, you will always be able to speak to someone knowledgeable, who can help with any questions you may have, before, during and AFTER the sale.