When you're choosing the laminate flooring for your home, you may encounter the problem of choosing the right thickness. We hope this article will help you with this question.
The thickness of laminate flooring plank is measured in millimeters. Usually the manufacturers display florring thickness on the package. But, if the plank has the underlayment attached to each plank, this pad would add up to about 2 mm of thickness to each plank. That’s why the thickness of the plank doesn't always refer to the core thickness.
The common perception is the direct connection between the laminate flooring thickness and its durability. That is not always true. The durability is achieved by wear layers on the top of each plank. However the thickness of the core is important as well.
In Lamitec, we offer you two standart thicknesses of the laminate flooring planks:

  • 8 mm;
  • 12 mm;

The thinner plank is usually easier to install, but the durability, as discussed above, doesn't depend on thickness. Also, “thickness” is not equal to the “quality”. The quality of laminate flooring primarly depends on manufacturer. In Lamitec, we use German technology which guarantees the outstanding quality and extra durability of the flooring regardless to the plank thickness.
So the main advice to make the right choise is to buy laminate flooring from a knowledgable manufacturer you can contact with in regards of any questions before making a purchase.