The important question for people who want to install laminate flooring is the amount of laminate flooring to buy.
First of all you need to measure the floor area of the room where you want to install the laminate flooring. Simply measure its length and width in meters and multiply one by other, and you'll receive the required quantity of square meters. Finally, add about 7% to this number for waste and off-cuts.
room area calculation
Our Lamitec Laminate flooring site offers you the easiest way to solve this problem! Just go to the page of laminate flooring you like and click on the “Calculator” tab. Enter the length and width of your room or square meters you've alredy calculated, choose whether to count the off-cuts and waste or not, and press the “Calculate cartons quantity”.
laminate flooring calculator
In a few seconds you'll receive the exact number of cartons you need for your room and their price. That's really simple, right?
So, if you've decided to buy quality laminate flooring on our website, just get started!