Nowadays laminate flooring is one of the best solution for home and becomes more and more popular in Australia, although it started as a European innovation. Households and offices that need extra-wear and high-durability solution often choose the laminate flooring as the effective choice for its advantages such as low maintenance, stylish look and easy installation. And the price of laminate flooring is really affordable. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about laminate flooring, manufacturing process and difference with the hardwood.


The main thing to know about laminate flooring is that you should never confuse the hardwood with the laminate flooring. These are two different flooring types despite the visual similarities that make good laminate flooring natural-looking and feeling. Actually, the surface of laminate flooring is highly-rendered picture of hardwood texture and species. In Lamitec laminate flooring this decorative layer is covered with ultra hard wearing surface, preventing the fresh look from scratches. And the two remainig layers is the core layer, which absorbs the stress of footsteps and other impacts, and the moisture-repellent backing layer which stabilizes this four-layer system.


In lamitec, we offer laminate flooring made according to German technology which guarantees the outstanding quality of each layer, making our flooring solutions the best choice for your home!