How laminate flooring is made?

Laminate flooring consists of 4 layers: backing layer, which prevents the flooring from moisture, core layer, made of MDF, design layer, which makes your flooring look stylish and natural, and extra-wearing layer, which covers your flooring. Combining these 4 layes makes the laminate flooring great-looking and durable.


Cost of Laminate Flooring

Lamitec laminate flooring is very affordable, you can find the laminate flooring from $9.99/sq.m.

How is it sold?

We sell laminate flooring panels in cartons (8 p. per carton), which cover 1.604 sq. m. The thickness of Lamitec laminate flooring is 8.3 mm or 12.3 mm.

How to install the laminate flooring?

You slould visit our installation guide. Laminate flooring installation is pretty simple and clear.

I have more questions about laminate flooring.

Visit our FAQ page to find more about us or contact us to speak to someone knowledgeable!