The laminate flooring is the best choice if you really durable and wear-resistant flooring for your home. However, accidents do happen and you should be able to fix some problems with your laminate flooring.
Liquid or water spills often happen when you have the laminate flooring installed in your kitchen or bathroom. It's not critical problem if you remove liquid quickly. But if the water is left on a floor, it can seep into the seams and cause the serious troubles. So the good solution to keep your flooring dry is to have some towels in the rooms where the accidents with the water are likely.
But sometimes the problem can be more serious. For example, sandy particles can be tracked it your room and scratch your laminate flooring. This often happens when you live near the ocean. Extra wear protection layer of the flooring can endure this kind of damage, but with time scratches and abrasives will become a real problem. So we recommend to use laminate flooring cleaner or micro-fiber mop to keep your flooring clean and avoid the small scratches.
For the deeper scratches, dents or chips you'll need a special repair kit. There's a lot of different solutions like putties to repair your flooring. Just be sure you've chosen the right putty color and follow the instructions and your problem will be solved.